Small online hobby engineering tools

This page contains some small hobby/mode engineering tools I've written for my own personal use.

Division Calculator - Online calculator for index plate combinations for a given set of plates.

Index Plate Generator - Online / browser based tool for drawing indexing plates (for printing out and using on e.g. rotary tables).

Change Gear Calculator - Online / browser based tool for calculating simple (i.e. no compound gears) and compound lathe gear setups. Also draws a full chart of the simple gears. Works for both metric and imperial threads and machines.

Dial Generator - Online / browser based tool for generating dials - useful if your lead screw doesn't have a dial, and you want to hack a quick one together.

Note, the tools are provided as is. I take no responsibility for any accuracy or inaccuracy - I'm not a "real" machinist, simply a hobbyist.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at