Dial generator

This is an online program to generate an image of a dial. The dial can be printed and stuck on whatever sturdy material, and attached to e.g. the lead screws of a lathe etc. Basic, I know, but better than the complete lack of dials which is common on "classic" hobby lathes.

Simply enter the details below, and hit the Submit button

Number of divisions
Draw circle outline
Mark n'th div
Print numbers
Circle radius
Short Segment Length
Long Segment Length
Image scale (X, Y) *

Number of divisions: How many lines to draw on the circle
Draw circle outline: Draw a circle outline
Mark n'th division: Draw a longer line every n divisions
Print numbers: Print numbers on the longer lines
Circle Radius: radius of the circle
Short segment length: How long the short segments on the circle should be
Long segment length: How long the long segments should be
Image scale: Scale image in x or y direction (e.g. if the printed circle isn't a circle but an ellipse, for example)

For comments and suggestions, please email me at henrik(a)bilar.co.uk