Indexing plate hole generator

This web page lets you generate simple patterns that can be used with a rotary table, or an indexing head to generate a number of divisions, semi-accurately. The idea is that you set the parameters below, generate an image, print the image and use it in lieu of a real metal indexing plate (useful if you lack the actual indexing plate required etc).

Number of holes (comma separated list)
Draw circle outlines
Mark holes with number
Initial circle radius
Circle radius step
Image scale (X, Y) *

I wrote this page/program to help me generate indexing plates for my little rotary table.
The idea is very simple, in that you print off these images, mount them on a piece of mdf (or similar) and drill through the hole markers. You then mount them on your rotary table crank and use them as an indexing plate. I am under no illusion that the printed plates are perfect, but given that the angle error diminishes by the ratio of the table, the angles will still be fairly accurate even if the marks / holes are say 1 degree out.
I wouldn't recommend using these for anything critical, but for simple hobby purposes they should work reasonably well.

Please make sure you measure the scale lines at the bottom left corner of the page. They should be equally long - if not, modify the Image Scale parameters above

For comments and suggestions, please email me at henrik(a)