Index plate hole calculator

This is an online calculator to calculate what indexing plate to use and number of holes to skip for a given number of divisions. This calculator can be used for both rotary tables and indexing heads.

The ratio below describes how many turns of the handle makes the table rotate one full revolution. For example, if your table rotates 6 degrees for every turn on the crank handle, the ratio is 360/6 = 60.

The available number of holes on the indexing plates are given as a comma separated list of integer values (For example, if your plates have 11, 12 and 15 holes, enter "11, 12, 15" in the textbox below.

Ratio of table/gear (1:ratio)
Comma separated list of hole circles on plates
Divisions required

To see all possible divisions up to 128 divisions using your set of plates, click the "display table" button.